Our system is flexible and can be customised to support the way your business works. A successful implementation means it integrates with the other systems and processes within your business.


Company Profile Information

Our experienced staff will help you to find the most suitable course provider for you, your needs and future outcomes.


CRM & Student Management

Our staff can arrange an airport pick up for you and safe transfer to your accommodation. Book your airport transfer with our staff.


CRM - Sales and Marketing

Build stronger relationships with your current (and future) students and track all their contact activity. Easily measure the returns on your sales & marketing efforts with an in-built customer relationship management tool.


Application Management

Easily manage the application process for your students and monitor their progress until receipt of letter of offer.



With 29 different reports available a wealth of useful business information is a click away.


Document management

Never hunt through piles of paperwork to find a visa application or copy of a passport again. Scan and upload all important documents into RTOAgent and they will always be at your fingertips - no matter where in the world you are.

SMS & Email integration

Pacific Center will arrange a free Australian SIM Card before your arrival so you can stay in contact with your family and friends.

Admin & Security

Streamline your business processes with an abundance of tools to make administration a breeze. Templates, automated communications, scheduling, security, staff access, to-do lists, diary management and more.


Never lose a commission again. Manage collection and processing of all payments, invoice generation, receipt preparation, commissions, referral fees, student loans and more.